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Pandharpur – Tulajapur – Akkalkot


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Pandharpur is a religious town situated on the banks of Chndrabhaga River. It is known as “kashi of South India”. The auspicious place is identified with temple of Shri Vittal and his consort Shri Rukmai. Shri Vitthal is called as Vithoba, Panduranga and Vijaya Vitthala by the devotees. Vitthala is known as reincarnation of lord Krishna. The deity is worshiped widely in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Pandharpur is a small town located in Solapur District of Maharashtra. Pandharpur is around 210 kilometers away from Pune and 376 kilometers from Mumbai.

When we study the history the exact time period when the temple was built is not clear. It had rebuilt and renovated several times from 12th century to 17th century. The temple is located in the centre of the town.

You may notice that there will always a giant “Mahadwara” present in Hindu temples. Here also you can find which is named after “Sant Namdev”. He was renowned devotee of God Vithoba. Other than Mahadwara there are 7 more entry points. You take entry through these gates. And there are two types of Darshan are available. That are Viewing the God from long a distance is known as “Mukha Darshana”. In “Pada Darshana” devotees are allowed to touch the holy feet of the Lord Vitthala.


Tulajapur is famous pilgrimage spot known after Tulaja Bhavani temple. It is one of the 56 Shakti peetha according to Hindu Mythology. It is one amongst the sade then Shakti peetha of Maharashtra. Tulajapur is a small town which is located at distance of 440 kilometers from Mumbai and 290 kilometers from Pune. The nearest big city is Solapur which is 45 kilometers away.

Tulaja Bhavani is known to be worshipped by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and she is his Linage Deity or Kuladevi. According to stories Goddess Tulaja Bhavani blessed him with the “sword” which is popularly known in the history as “Bhavani Talawar”. We can see strong association between Bhosale family and the Tulaja bhavani Temple, so the two main massive gates of the same are named after Raja Shahaji and Mata Jijau, parents of Shivaji Maharaj. Other than these two there is one more gate which is known after Sardar Nimbalkar.

There are many legends and mythological stories about the temple and the Goddess Tulaja Bhavani. The statue in the temple is said to be “Swayambhu” self originated. It is 3 feet tall Granite stone Statue with eight arms holding weapons.

The temple is built aduring 12 centurt. It has very big premises which include some other small temples. The other are Temple of Ganesha, Datta mandir, Adishakti, Annapoorna, Adimata Matanga Devi. There are holy ponds or “Kunda” in the temple complex. Devotees take holy dip before offering pooja.

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Sai Ram Taxi

Akklakot is got religious importance due to Samadhi of Swami Samarth Maharaj. It is located in Solapur district. He is believed to be reincarnation of Lord Dattatreya. The temple premise is known as “Vatavruksha Mandir” which means Banyan tree temple. It known as tree under which Swami Samarth Maharaj used to preach his teachings. Followers of Swami Samarth come here from all over the State. Free accommodation and food is provided by the temple trust. Marathi and Kannada are widely spoken languages here.

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