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Kolhapur is significant pilgrimage point and tourist Attraction. It is one of the “Sade teen Shakti peetha” the others are Tulaja Bhavani of Tulajapur, Mahurgad Renuka Mata and Saptashringi Mata. Kolhapur is situated on National Highway at 233 kilometers away from Pune and 375 kilometers away from state capital Mumbai. It is on the river Banks of PanchGanga.

Important Attractions Around the City

Mahalaxmi Mandir : As all we know Mahalaxmi Mandir is first and foremost place of significance of Kolhapur. Goddess is widely worshiped as Kuladevi in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. The statue of Mahalaxmi is said to be self originated or “Swayambhu,. The temple has very large complex and have many small temples around. Outside the temple you can buy offerings like flowers, Sari and coconuts. The temple opens at 4.30 in the morning and closes at 10 o clock in the night.

New Palace : New Palace is one more attraction. It is now transformed in to a museum. You can get to know history of Princely state Kolhapur and ruling period of Shahu Maharaj.

Rankala lake: Rankala lake is one of the best place to spend evening with kids and hang out with friends.

Panhala Fort: Panhala Fort is a hill station located nearby. The distance from Panhala to Kolhapur is 20kms. This place has for historic importance and a beautiful hill station. Panhala fort is also called as Panhala gad. It is beautifully situated on the hills of Sahyadri ranges. The fort is associated with the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The natural beauty of Panhala is eye catching. The striking view of Sahyadri hills from Panhala gad are real surprise .

Narasobachi wadi : Narasobachi wadi is also a pilgrimage place located on meeting point of rivers Panchganga and Krishna. It is place of Lord Dattatryeya Paduka are self manifested.

Jyotiba is one more religious place to visit nearby Kolhapur.

Food and Shopping:Kolhapur is well known for Kolhapuri Chappal, Kolhapuri lavangi mirchi and Kolhapuri Gul and Kolhapuri Masala. Kolhapuri Saaj is unique kind of necklace you can buy here.

Street food or Chaat items like Kolhapuri Bhel and spicy Kolhapuri Missal are very famous here. So when you visit don’t forget to taste.

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